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Winter camping
Winter camping

Kirkland RV Sales: Reasons to use your RV in the winter

From the bloggers at Kirkland RV Sales.

Normally, we see RVs chugging down the road during the spring and summer months. And why wouldn’t we? The warm weather is ideal for special vacations and long road trips in our motorhomes. But when the winter weather rolls around, far too many start prepping their RVs for storage.

RVs may seem easier to use during the summer months, but they are also great for use in the winter months. People whoenjoy commuting to various snowy destinations for a bit of winter fun have every reason to use their RV as a home away from home during their travels.

1. Save Travel Time

For those who excitedly anticipate winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, hunting, ice fishing, and other winter activities, having as much time outdoors is essential. But if there is a long commute involved in getting to and leaving the places where all the action is happening, you loose valuable time.

The best way to eliminate unnecessary travel time is to live out of your RV. By setting up your motorhome at a nearby RV park, or maybe onsite if it’s allowed, you can shorten your travel time and make it easier to soak in as much of the winter activities as you can get.

2. Save Money

Some of the best snow sport destinations are so distant that many travellers are forced to rent some kind of housing while they stay. Renting an apartment for a few weeks can expensive, and you still have the cost of food and driving to factor in

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