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Kirkland RV: 10 tips for winter RVing

From the bloggers at Kirkland RV Sales:

Many RV enthusiasts will take winter as an indication to head for warmer climates. They pack up their gear and drive to Arizona, California, or New Mexico—all wonderful places for RVing. Some adventurers, however, take this season as an opportunity to see the incredible snowy wonderland that only winter provides.

The ice and snow are beautiful, but seeing and experiencing that beauty takes a little more effort than RVing in the summer. Pipes and fuel lines need proper care, the interior of the RV needs to be heated, and you want to be safe about the methods of preparation you use.

Here are ten pain points and potential issues that may come up during winter RVing.

To read Kirkland RV’s 10 things to remember about winter RVing, click here.

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