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Kindness is catching

When and if we watch television, we watch mostly the news — and we watch a lot of it, especially now during this presidential election year. This one’s a panic, isn’t it?

If electing our president weren’t such a serious matter, this would be award-winning comedy material. Anyway, just speaking for ourselves, other than the news there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot on TV worth watching.

The news hasn’t been especially uplifting lately. It’s mostly depressing stuff. But, now and then there comes along one of those heart-tuggers that, if we let it, tends to renew our faith in human nature.

With all the heavyweight world news,m this one could have been easily missed. We saw it first on our local news but then it hit big on the news and on the net. Maybe you saw it.

A young man in Utah saved his money from grocery bagging and other odd jobs for a year and a half so he could buy a Valentine’s Day flower for each of the girls in his high school. According to our local news folks, he got a lot of offers for dates. Of course, he couldn’t accept them because he already has a girlfriend.

With a little prodding she said, albeit reluctantly, “I’m so proud of him.”

He remarked, “I didn’t want to leave anyone out.”

A lot of girls went home happy that day — all 834 of them!

Speaking of renewing our faith in human nature, when we first arrived in the town where we now live, we got lost. There was no GPS then. We were just a few blocks from our destination, but didn’t know it. We pulled our motorhome to the curb in a residential neighborhood and got out the map.

I heard a noise and looked to my left to see a man charging across the street in our direction. I simultaneously slid my driver side window open and reached under my seat for the weapon which is always within reach.

If this had happened where I came from, he might have had bodily harm or something worse in mind. But, after catching his breath from the short run, he smiled and said, “You folks look like you might be lost, anything I can do to help?”

I went back to breathing normally, smiled back and told him our problem. Before we rolled away my wife and I looked at one another with a smile and we knew we were thinking the same thing. We had picked the right place to move!

We lived in our motorhome in a local RV park for about a half year while building our new home. I used that time to start up and equip our new business which included acquiring a new car. Well, not exactly new. It was a couple of years old.

Anyway, I was test driving the car on Main Street in our new town when it just quit cold. There I was, sitting in the middle of Main Street with a dead car. It just wouldn’t start.

I was about to get out and start pushing when the car began to move. I looked in the rearview mirror and spotted two young men behind the car pushing while a third appeared at my window and asked, “Where can we push you?”

I told him our RV Park was just down the block and all I needed was to get into the driveway and off the street. Well, long story short, before I knew it they had pushed me down the street, into the driveway, all the way to our space and into the parking place next to our coach.

And, here’s – as Paul Harvey would say – “the rest of the story.”

When I got out to thank them, they were gone. I spotted them in the distance, jogging back up Main Street. I didn’t even get the chance to thank them.

It’s 23 years later now. The population of our nice little town has more than doubled since we moved here. It’s taking on all the trappings of a city with more growth than it can handle and with the tedious pace it has become harder to spot these acts of kindness. But, they are here.

If we all just learn to let them out. All of this is just my way of reminding you to do something nice for someone today and every day. It doesn’t matter who it is or what it is – just do it!

It’ll come back to you many times over because . . . kindness is catching.

About Robert Sears

Robert Sears is a professional driving instructor who once owned a company that trained more than 70,000 people to drive. Today he is an author working on several non-fiction books and writing traffic safety articles for consumer and special interest publications. He is a 30-year motorhome owner who has logged several hundred thousand miles of RV driving experience.

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