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KGW: Grant’s Getaway — ‘The lake born of fire’

From the bloggers at KGW.

The waters of Clear Lake in the Central Oregon Cascades are so clear, it is hard to see where the water ends and the bottom of the lake begins.

If you love hiking, fishing, photography or camping, Clear Lake is the place to be in the Fall.

It’s the time of year when leaf-popping is popular and gorgeous colors are in full show.

When the mood to move strikes each Fall, there are few places I like to be than Oregon’s high mountain country and there are few ways that I prefer to travel than taking my Home on the Road in an RV. Chris and I packed up our rental RV from our good friends at RV Northwest in Tigard, Oregon, (RV Northwest) and traveled to a place I remember visiting as a child. I was eager to see Clear Lake once again!

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