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Ketelsen RV: Water conservation tips for your RV

From the bloggers at Ketelsen RV

It’s something every new RV owner endures at least once. You’ve finally found the perfect camp site, far from the crowds (and a water supply) and you’re happily enjoying your mobile little home at the campsite. Cooking, cleaning, bathing – all the comforts of home. Then it happens – no more water. Not even a trickle. Dry.

Knowing how many gallons your water tank holds and understanding what that means in practice comes with experience. You need to be able to convert the gallons in your tank into how many dish washings, showers, or jugs of KoolAid you can get out of your water tank. For most RV newcomers, it’s not nearly as many as they assume.

How can you avoid running out of water on your next RV trip? One common mistake people make is failing to fill their hot water heater tank at the same time they fill the fresh water tank. If you fill the hot water heater using the water pump when you are at the campsite, it just to moves it from the fresh water tank to the water heater tank, when you could have increased your water capacity by filling the water heater ahead of time.

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