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Lovin Our Life Adventure: Just another week in Key West

Form the bloggers at Lovin Our Life Adventures.

One of the many events put on by the park here is the Sigsbee Shuffle. This is where several RVers play host at their RV and the Shufflers go from host to host around the park. It’s a great way to make new friends.

All the hosts really get into the spirit of things and usually have their own theme going.

Another event put on by the park, is the Monthly Arts and Crafts/yard Sale. I decided to print out some of my favorite Key West pictures, grab a booth and see how it went. I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback on my photos and actually sold a few!

As you may remember, we picked up a Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak. Sheryl and I took it out together and we were really pleased how well it handled with both of us. I was however, curious to see how it handled with just one person. One of our friends stopped by the other day and asked if I wanted to hit the water with them, hmmm  a good opportunity to try her out solo. Again, very pleased at how easy it handled. Really glad we decided to get it.

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