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Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure: Adventures in Death Valley

From the bloggers at Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure

Since starting our fulltime adventure in 2014 we have spent every Thanksgiving in Utah. 2014 at our daughters house in Sandy, Utah, 2015 at Zion National Park with both our kids and their families. 2016 you ask? Well the Cabela’s parking lot in Lehi, Utah of course!

A lot has change for us here in Utah in the past year. Our son, Forrest, and family hit the road in May and are currently in Bend Oregon where Somer has temporary job. Jessica and her family are in Green Castle Pennsylvania where they recently moved for a new job. So that leaves us all alone here in Utah having Thanksgiving in the Cabela’s parking lot.

This also marks the first time Barb has ever cooked a turkey in our RV oven. For those of you with RV ovens you know this can be a tricky proposition.

We have had mixed results trying to cook or bake using the oven. Maintaining an even temperature is probably the biggest challenge. We installed ceramic tiles and an oven thermometer and have been having better success. I am happy to report that Barb slammed it out of the park with the Thanksgiving dinner! Turkey, potatoes, stuffing and scalloped corn were all delicious!

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