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Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure: How we survived a week without internet

From the bloggers at Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure.

You don’t realize how much you will miss the ones you love until you lose them. Sometimes you don’t even realize how much love you have given until you experience such a loss. This week I experienced a loss that pretty much turned our world upside down.

Before I go on, let me say Daisy is fine and as far as we know our friends and family are doing well. That said, we were in mourning and were left lost despondent and wandered the streets of Quartzsite totally out of touch with the rest of the world. The loss I am referring to is our Verizon Jet Pack!

Wednesday started like any other Wednesday…… Barb and the girls went to line dancing followed by a lazy afternoon, happy hour and dinner. That night Barb was working on our Alaska trip, I watched a little TV and we checked the internet to see what was going on in the outside world before we turned in.

Everything was going well, nothing too exciting going on…..we turn off the computers, turn off the Jet Pack and go to bed. Our morning routine is breakfast, news on the TV and turn on the internet to see what we missed overnight (really pathetic when you think about it). When I went to turn on the Jet Pack…..nothing, would not even turn on.

Well, that’s weird I thought it was fully charged. Well, I will just plug it in and turn it on….still nothing. It must really be dead, I will let it charge for a few minutes and try again. 30 minutes later, still nothing. Now I am starting to panic! I take out the battery, look it at (actually I did this twice), put it back in….nothing. OMG, we have a crisis on our hands! How can we even start to think we will make it through the day? What if someone emails us, someone messages us on Facebook or heaven forbid, we miss a really inspirational quote someone posts! The world as we know it has changed in an instant!

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