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Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure: Westward ho

From the bloggers at Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure.

We are adjusting to camper life, learning how everything works, how to maneuver in such a small area. For one, I don’t even think about getting out of bed until Barb is up, ready for the day and taking Daisy out. Then I can get up and do my thing.

Although most components of the camper are similar to our 5th wheel, there were certain nuances that we needed to get used to. For example; the camper has a built in Generac propane generator, works great, fires up quickly but we have never had a built in before. Then there is the whole bathroom shower thing where the bathroom is the shower, never had that before either…do you stand when you shower or just sit on the stool? There is also a weird electrical connection on the outside of the camper I was not accustomed to, neither Barb or I knew what it was for…..we later learned that it is very important.

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