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Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure: Lassen National Park/Shasta Lake

From the bloggers at Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure.

“I got this” she said looking up at the 12’ snow bank in front of her. “If I get a running start I think I can make it to the top”. Those were the last words Daisy said before she ran at the snow bank and started climbing. She made good progress about ½ way up the bank then her moment slowed…..”Abort, abort!” she cried and leapt into my arms.

Where did we find a 12’ snowbank in California you ask? Why, Lassen Volcanic National Park!

We had driven through this area twice in the past two years on our way to visit relatives in Northern California. It is an absolutely beautiful area just west of Susanville. This trip, with a smaller rig and more time we vowed to stop for a few days. What we did not count on was the snow. With the higher elevation of the park there was still plenty of snow and the main road (Hwy 89) through the park was still closed. We watched a movie at the Visitors Center that said the park can get up to 40′ of snow during the winter season! Despite this set back we had two great days in the area hiking and just exploring the backroads.

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