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Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure: 30th anniversary

From the bloggers at Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure.

February 7, 1986 my life changed forever for this is the date that I married my soulmate.

So what does one do on their 30th wedding anniversary in the desert? Why, you  start the day off with strawberry waffles with a heart and “30”  made out of Redi-whip on it…. and bacon of course! It was a splendid start to the day sitting in my recliner eating waffles with Daisy on my lap staring at the waffle just mere inches from her nose.

Breakfast complete I went out to work on the truck. Earlier in the week I had loaded up the water barrel to go fill it. Drove it to the water station, filled it up, got in the truck and it would not start! It would turn over but would not start. We’ve all seen that guy….the poor sap who was at the gas station or store parking lot just cranking their engine hoping it would start while trying to ignore all the people around staring at them….ya I was that guy. With time ticking by and people starting to pile up in the water line behind me some guy walks up to my truck and says “Truck won’t start?”. Well, no sh#t Sherlock! With a little help we pushed the truck out of line and I took the walk of shame back to our rig. Barb and I went back with the jeep and towed the truck home (tow of shame). You feel like you are in a damn parade as everyone has to stop what they are doing and watch you go by, seriously don’t these people have anything better to look at? No, no, they don’t.

A few of us (Red, Steve) looked at it, checked fuses, bleed the fuel lines but it still would not start.

Since we had day trips planned the next two days we decided to work on it later.  Day trip one included taking Dino and Lisa up to Palm Canyon we hiked all the way up to the palms, took some pictures and relaxed for a while enjoying the view.

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