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JG Lubricants: Certified pre-owned RV inspection program

From the staff at JG Lubricants:

Looking to purchase a used RV? Well, there are a multitude of “great looking” RVs for sale. Just search the internet and you’ll find a host of RVs for sale. They range from low cost entry point units like “pop ups” all the way to “high dollar” luxury motorized Class A “Diesel Pushers.”

No doubt, there are some great buys out there. But, I’m betting there are also units with major problems that need to be avoided.

So, what’s the smart thing to do? Just like purchasing a home, I recommend a “pre-purchase RV inspection from a certified independent RV inspector. The cost of an RV inspection is little compared to the possible expense involved if major problems exist.

To read the full story at JG Lubricants, click here.

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