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Jen and Eric Ramblings: 19 months on the road

From the bloggers at Jen and Eric Ramblings.

Oh I’m so far behind on my blogging! I have been working a few more hours and, since June 1 we’ve been staying with family, doing chores for them and doing quite a bit of work on the RV. So I promise I’ll get a travel blog out before too long.

The end of July has just slipped by us and I can’t believe how the year has flown. We are still loving our life on the road and, as summer heat pushes much of the country into triple digits, our ability to follow the cooler weather. We have also enjoyed the slower pace this year.

We knew that going to Alaska in 2015 would be an epic year, so our 2016 stats reflect a much more realistic mode of travel. In fact, we have cut our miles driven by more than half! In the first 7 months of 2015 we had driven 8,482.91 miles in the RV.

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