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Jen and Eric Ramblings: Painlessly extending a boondocking stay

From the bloggers at Jen and Eric Ramblings.

If you’ve followed our blog for very long, you already know that we prefer boondocking (also known as dispersed or dry camping) to staying in campgrounds and there are a whole host of reasons why: unobstructed views, peace and quiet, more wildlife and fewer people (or people that we’ve chosen to hang out with). Oh, and it’s usually free.

But all of those nice things come at a cost:  no external power, no sewer, and no freshwater fill. It’s pretty clear why lack of external power can be a big deal, but why not just drive to the nearest dump station to deal with sewer and freshwater? What’s the big deal? The first thing is that moving your rig is a pain in the behind.

Whether you’re driving 2 miles or 200, you have to stow all loose articles, retract or remove jacks and chocks, pull in slides, etc. etc. Secondly, dry camping sites are frequently off the beaten path, and the road is usually a dirt washboarded affair requiring slow driving.

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