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Jen and Eric Ramblings: Boondocking bliss

From the bloggers at Jen and Eric Ramblings.

We had just completed our first full year on the road, and it was quite the whirlwind. We logged a ton of miles and moved a lot. We thought that when we got back to the Lower 48 in October we would slow down significantly, but Washington and Oregon were cold, wet and cloudy. We weren’t staying in parks with hook-ups, the solar wasn’t charging because of the clouds, and the cats were not happy about walking in the wet. So we ended up zooming through to California, then zooming to New Mexico for the holidays -agh! Stop the merry-go-round so I can get off! I don’t think we even realized how tired we were because it had become the status quo. We were uncharacteristically short with each other and just weren’t having as much fun.

We started to get our zen back in New Mexico with Sterling and Teresa but after weeks of snow and freezing temps we said our goodbyes and headed to southern Arizona to thaw out. As we ambled further south, we started to notice that more & more of our nomadic friends apparently had the same idea and we were all within a few hundred miles of each other.

And from one simple idea, “Hey, why don’t we all try to get together?” came one of the best experiences ever. Imagine if you could call 20 or so of your closest friends, convince them to join you for a two-week vacation, choose a location where you could all easily fit with plenty of room for privacy yet common space where you could socialize together, and they all showed up? That’s exactly what we did and it was the best convergence I’ve ever experienced.

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