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Jeff-Z: Trail Sport modifications

From the bloggers at Jeff-Z.

When it comes to the RV I seem to have some compulsive tinkering issues. I get an idea in my head and the project itself becomes more important than the end result. Some of the projects shown below may be overkill. Others may be frivolous. It’s all fun.

Exterior Mods

The most significant exterior modification to our new Trail Sport was the addition of a Carolina Carports building. We intend to protect our RV investment this time around.

Update: The little friggin birds were more tenacious than I anticipated. They pulled out the screen and squirmed around the ends. So I used canned expansion foam to glue and seal the screen sections. After attacking the foam for a few days the birds seem to have given up for good.

To read the full story by Jeff-Z, click here.

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