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Jaunted - Vimeo cameo

Jaunted: Vimeo shows us its new video app

From the bloggers at Jaunted:

An overwhelming amount of apps already exist that allow people to share their lives via short, easy-to-edit videos: from six seconds on Vine to 15 seconds on Instagram to whatever YouTube’s limit is these days. Periscope even offers real-time broadcasting for people all over the world to watch.

Now here comes Vimeo. This app is only available for iOS right now, but will obviously expand should it be successful. We’ve downloaded many video-editing apps in our lifetime with smartphones, and frankly most of them end up getting deleted. They’re usually either not user-friendly or not inclusive of features worth using long-term that our other favorite apps don’t already incorporate.

Cameo, however, might be one of the few to score a permanent slot on our iPhone.

To read Jaunted’s review of Vimeo’s new Cameo application, click here.

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