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Lorex secuirty system

iRV2: RV security

From a forum post at iRV2:

Regardless of whether or not I was a city dweller living in a high rise building, a suburban development dweller or a country bumpkin, I would want to know who or what was lurking about, day or night.

Over a year ago I ran into a wireless video four camera system which has a stand alone monitor. These four cameras have two way audio capability. Meaning that with the camera that I have right outside of my front door, I can speak and listen to the visitor at the door.

The cameras are the size of a small shoe and the monitor is smaller than my 17-inch laptop.

I have thought to myself that when I have my RV, that I could make a four legged electrical extension drop so as to allow me to position four cameras on the exterior of my RV. I would do this in a most discrete manner so as to not be obvious or impersonal.

To read the full post at iRV2, click here.

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