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IRV2 - mail forwarding

iRV2: Mail forwarding options for RV travelers

From the forum pages at iRV2:

If you’re thinking about going on the road for a season or for good, there’s one unglamorous detail you need to consider before you turn the key: What will you do about your mail?

The paperless world we all envisioned when we got our first e-mail address still hasn’t happened. Each day, the U.S. Postal System still delivers snail mail documents, letters and parcels to every U.S. resident. No matter how far we take our RVs into the back country, each day someone is sending us a hard copy of something, whether it’s a driver’s license renewal notice or a birthday card.

As you start to plan your extended RV getaway you’ll need to find a place for your mail to go and occasionally receive this bundle of (usually) joyless parchment. Here are two of the most common mail forwarding options for full-time RVers and temporary road trippers like us.

To read the reviews of the mail handling options suggested by iRV2, click here.

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