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Interstellar Orchard: Wolf watching

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard.

I arrive back to Cas Friday afternoon utterly exhausted, but deeply satisfied. My class at the Institute exceeded expectations, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me explain the program a little more.

As everyone who’s been following me this summer already knows, I’m working as a sales associate for the Yellowstone Association. The bookstores located inside every visitor center in the park is part of how this non-profit generates money to give back to Yellowstone, but there’s another facet of the organization as well, the Institute.

The Institute is the educational arm of YA. Classes may be based out of the Lamar Buffalo Ranch (typically the more rustic”Field Seminar” classes), or out of Gardiner for the more all-inclusive “Lodging and Learning” programs. There are programs for kids and college students, teachers, and families – and the scope of the classes range from an afternoon lecture to seven day long extravaganzas with multiple outings. The type of class I took was classified as a Field Seminar, and was based in Lamar valley at the ranch.

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