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Interstellar Orchard: The less glamorous side of RVing

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard:

In one week I’ll be leaving Wisconsin and heading out to Yellowstone. Some tasks are hard to do or frowned upon while in an RV park, so instead of doing a lot of sightseeing or day trips during my time parked in my parent’s driveway, I’ve been pretty busy making good use of this time for more practical things.

It may not make for the most exciting blog post, but not every stop can be brimming with adventure when you’re a full-timer. Chores still need to get done, the bonus is you get more freedom to decide where and when to do them.

So I’ve been spending quiet days at my parent’s house during the week formatting the e-guide for Kindle and getting all of my videos uploaded onto YouTube while watching the birds and squirrels (and occasional black bear) come up to the feeders in their backyard. It’s certainly not a bad view.

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