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Interstellar Orchard: Switching focus

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard.

I end up spending six nights dry camping in Misty’s driveway in Lubbock Texas. We work on our computers, watch Netflix, and I finally visit a Sprouts store for the first time (it’s a grocery chain focused on healthier foods, several friends of mine have recommended it).

I don’t have a lot of photos, we don’t get out and do much. Mostly this visit is about catching up. It’s not exciting material to blog about, but a pretty great perk to being an RVer. Visiting friends and family is easier when you’re bringing your own house with you, there’s less worry about stepping on toes when everyone still has their own space.

On the 2nd, it’s time to make the final run to Boyd. It’s another sunny, warm day in Texas. It being a Sunday, traffic is light and the drive is a breeze. Bertha carries me and Cas up and down rolling hills through numerous small towns east of Lubbock. 200 miles fly by quickly, probably due in part to a head cold that leaves me feeling a bit disconnected. One thing I really like about Texas, even the back roads have these little picnic areas which are great places to stop with an RV to take a break.

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