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Interstellar Orchard: Solar and heat for boondocking

Form the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard.

Back in November when I was working at Amazon, I placed an order for the solar equipment, propane heater (I don’t have a furnace), and other odds and ends needed for boondock this winter. I wrote quite a bit about it all when it arrived but I couldn’t give a review of how well things worked at that point as I hadn’t been able to test it. I’ve had several requests from readers for a proper review, and now that I’ve been boondocking for a month I feel comfortable doing so.

Actually, I still haven’t run the Little Buddy heater (smallest of the Mr. Buddy line) more than two nights, I have a good sleeping bag under my covers and stay plenty warm. It runs exclusively on the small propane bottles, for the larger units an adapter can be purchased to make it run off a 20lb tank and I suppose one could do that for the Little Buddy too, but you’d have to craft a stand for it as it sits on top of the bottle the way it is.

It is a very good little heater though. It’s rated at 3,800 BTU/hour and has no problem heating the Casita.

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