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Interstellar Orchard: A review of working remotely

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard

And as part of the informal yearly review I’ve been conducting, there’s one last experiment from this year to report on.

For the first time since I hit the road, the majority of my income this year will have come from remote work rather than taking seasonal work-camping jobs. The biggest leap of faith I made this summer by deciding to boondock rather than picking a national park to work at was probably not about whether I’d enjoy boondocking (I was fairly certain I would), but rather would I be able to earn enough money from other sources to support myself.

Unless they were forced into the lifestyle by the loss of a job or some similar misfortune, most pre-retirement full-timers I meet already have a solid income source in place before they hit the road. In fact, six years ago when I first started entertaining the idea of full-timing, I didn’t know of any who didn’t (they did exist, but I wasn’t aware, not knowing where to look online to find them).

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