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Interstellar Orchard: On my own

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard.

It’s getting hot! Bertha’s thermometer showed 90 degrees the other day when I ran into town for chores. Several people have already left the BLM area here at Ehrenberg, Ariz., for cooler climes, and others will be pulling out within the next day or two.

It’s time to move on. Evening walks are getting to be a problem. I’m having to start later and later in the day and can’t go far before running out of sunlight. Today I opt to take a morning walk instead.

My feet carry me to the three wrecked RVs near the entrance to the BLM area. When walking around one, an old Pace Arrow, I spot a yellowed paper tucked in among the garbage.

The title page says “Homeless in the Desert”, and I wonder if this newspaper was applicable to the former occupants of this class A. There are belongings scattered about too. A woman’s pink sneaker, a Christmas ornament, a VCR tape of “Call of the Wild”. Wherever these people are now, I hope they’re safe and happy.

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