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Interstellar Orchard: More hiking and campgrounds

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard.

As of today there are six weeks and one day until the 100 mile Hike Club concludes, and my coworkers and I are feeling that deadline fast approaching. I’m at 62.5 miles right now which isn’t bad, but if I keep going at my current rate I won’t hit 100 in time, so it’s time to step it up.

Few people know that Yellowstone has a natural bridge. It’s a 2.4 mile hike, on the north end of Yellowstone Lake near Bridge Bay Campground. The trail is mostly flat (by Yellowstone standards) and follows an old road that use to take visitors right up to and on top of the bridge.

There isn’t a lot to see on the way in terms of scenery, it’s set in a young lodgepole forest with a couple small meadows. We do see three marmots, several other rodents, and a few birds including a gray jay however, and as with most of the park bears are a possibility so come prepared.

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