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Interstellar Orchard: Leaks and delays

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard.

Part way through writing this, I thought about deleting it and writing about something else unrelated to my current travels. Then I thought no, it’s important for people to realize that not all travel days will be fun or exciting to read about, and this post definitely shows that. There are few photos because it was too rainy to get pictures of the scenery and I’ve taken pictures of LHC before.

Not surprisingly, not everything goes according to plan. When I woke up this morning my freezer was starting to defrost so I cranked the thermostat colder to see if it helps, it doesn’t. I depart from Lake Tawakoni at 2 pm and am parked at a Walmart in Quinlan to get ice and evacuate the increasingly warm fridge when the wind picks up and thunder shakes the Casita. My phone beeps an alarm, it’s the first tornado warning.

I abandon the fridge mid-project and hustle inside Walmart where everyone is being shepherded to the back of the store. The lightning is close and it rains hard for a while, but passes over without producing a tornado. I finish emptying the fridge, dry it out with a towel, and turn it off. Back on the road.

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