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Interstellar Orchard: Hill hike and the big tent

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard.

With the initial burst of social activities and chores now behind, I find myself with a reasonable chunk of free time and no set plan. Some exploring is in order.

Behind camp, the dirt road ends in large wash which is the end of the line for RVers. ATVs however were made for this kind of driving. They can climb the steep bank on the other side of the wash and their trail makes a decent hiking path.

Up on higher ground again and looking back towards the Xscampment (as the Xscapers have christened our little area), it’s easy to see that we’re not as alone as it seems. Our camping area is on lower ground, so the interstate and other RVers are hidden from view by the slope of the land. It’s great to have that kind of privacy in a place like Quartzsite.

The ATV track parallels the hills (and mountains farther behind them) to the west of camp. As it’s already later in the afternoon, the sun makes getting photos of them hard. Maybe I can curve around behind the closer hills for better lighting, and just to see what’s there. It requires leaving the ATV track behind.

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