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Interstellar Orchard: Haslet CamperForce review

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard.

Some numbers from my Haslet CamperForce experience, I know how much people love numbers!

  • Total weeks worked: 9 weeks, 6 days.
  • Total hours worked: 480
  • Base pay: $10.75/hour
  • Differential pay for working Saturday and Sunday: $1.00/hour, started early November
  • Overtime pay: Time and a half for everything over 40 hours in one week – $16.125/hour
  • Number of referrals: 3 (at $125 each)
  • Total gross pay: $6,140
  • Total net pay: $4,605

This was the most lucrative year I’ve had with CamperForce, a factor of the extreme amount of overtime available here at the Haslet site. I worked eight weeks of 50+ hours (only seven fiscal weeks because of where Amazon starts and ends its “week”).

To read the full story by Interstellar Orchard, click here.

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