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Interstellar Orchard: Full-timing has no hard definition

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard.

An Ode To RVing Diversity:

Some like the comfort of big rigs, some like the agility of small rigs. Some are in motion all year long, some are stationary all year long. Some enjoy the boonies and being off-grid, and some enjoy resorts with all the amenities.

Some RV for a reason.

Some RV because they have no better choice.

For some, RVing is the reason

Some would rather go and sight-see, some would rather stay at camp. Some plan their route extensively, some make it up as they go. Some want to build a social network as they travel, and some want to keep to themselves.

Some work because they have to.

Some work because they want to.

Some volunteer because they feel called to.

Some keep their travel days short, some make as much distance as they can in a day. Some spend more time indoors, some spend more time outdoors. Some explore all corners of the country, and some explore in one corner.

To read the full story by Interstellar Orchard, click here.

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