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Interstellar Orchard: Firehole Lake and Virginia City

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard.

Earlier this week after work I traveled scenic Firehole Lake Drive on a whim, a little one-way road between Madison and Old Faithful, about nine miles from where I’m living.

Not knowing what’s around the next bend: one exciting benefit of travel I wasn’t sure what to expect…. that’s really one of the best parts of full-timing – the excitement of something new.

I crave new experiences and Yellowstone sure delivers. I feel like in the month I’ve been here I’ve done a good job of getting out and seeing the park, and yet I’ve still only seen a fraction of it. There are still roads and pullouts close to home that I haven’t laid eyes on yet, and it’s always a treat to see where the next fork in the road will take me.

Surprise! Springs like Surprise pool here are very, very hot. You can actually see the water boiling on the lower-right side near the edge, which means the temp must be at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit (the boiling point of water decreases at higher elevations).

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