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Interstellar Orchard: Clear Lake Loop

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard.

Traffic is at a standstill, yielding right of way to the herd of bison coming down the road. Bertha idles while the cows and calves part around me, like the way a boulder parts a stream. In Yellowstone, we call these events bison jams, and they happen on a daily basis. Luckily I’m moving against the flow instead of having to follow behind the herd, so as soon as they’re all visible in my rearview mirror, I’m free to go.

I drive north on Grand Loop Road to Madison, turn northeast at Madison to Norris, and straight east from Norris to Canyon Village. It’s 43 miles, or about an hour drive in normal traffic, a bit longer today with the bison jam. Two miles south of the Canyon Village intersection is a spur road that crosses the Yellowstone River. At it’s end is Artist’s Point, a beautiful overlook of the grand canyon of Yellowstone, but I’m not going that far.

Uncle Tom’s parking area is my destination… except that it’s blocked off for maintenance. Cars are pulled over along the road, some not even all the way off the road, why’s it so busy here at 9 in the morning? Ah. Three elk, two of them bulls with good sized antlers, are laying on the hillside above the road, and folks are stopping to take pictures. It’s my second jam of the day.

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