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Interstellar Orchard: Campground life

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard.

Sawtooth Campground is a busy place come the weekend. It should be no surprise, the weather is about perfect and this spot is within a reasonable driving distance from LA. Rock climbers and families from the city come out for a chance to get away and the campground fills to over capacity.

Four vehicles pile into site #2 next to me and tents spring up along the side of the road, there is no camp host currently in residence and I don’t see a BLM vehicle all weekend so there’s no one to enforce the rules. The pit toilets that were more than fully stocked on Friday are depleted of toilet paper and in dire need of a cleaning by the afternoon.

Dogs bark, music blares, and a steady stream of people parade past my site to access the climb across the road. I survey the chaos from atop the pile of boulders in my campsite, a refuge just far enough from sites 4-6 to avoid the horde of children (six I think, though it’s hard to count as they don’t stay still long) currently in residence with their parents for some sort of reunion. They squeal and call to one another as they swarm over the rock piles nearby, one poor adult from their group tries to contain them as they scatter in all directions, it’s like herding cats.

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