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Interstellar Orchard: CamperForce receive dept. job descriptions

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard.

Four weeks of CamperForce are in the bag and six more remain. In the receive department where I’m working here in Haslet, Tex., everyone continues to be on 55 hours a week mandatory although for CamperForce that’s only 50 hours mandatory as we have to work that 5th day, but do not have to work the 11th hour every day.

Other inbound departments are now working mandatory overtime as well and outbound is starting to pick up too. After Thanksgiving the tables will turn and outbound should be the busier half of the workforce as all the stuff we’ve been cramming into the warehouse starts flying off the shelves to get to people’s houses in time for Christmas.

A few weeks ago I said I’d report more on the receiving job as this is my first time working in this department, and that I shall. I’ve actually worked no fewer than five different jobs while I’ve been here, which makes me a happy girl because variety really breaks up the monotony of a long work week. There are a couple more I haven’t worked, but have talked to fellow campers who have.

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