Saturday , September 9 2017
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Interstellar Orchard: Boyd RV Park

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard.

The move yesterday went fine and now Cas is snugged away in my new home base at Boyd RV, twenty miles closer to Amazon. And just in time too.

It started raining this morning and it’s predicted we’ll get 3 to 6 inches by late Saturday night. So no fun outings for me this “weekend” (my days off are Wed-Fri as long as overtime isn’t called), I’ll be enjoying the rest of my time off at home.

As for the park itself, it’s small and was accurately described by one of my neighbors as a rock quarry. It’s all gravel, but given the forecast that doesn’t seem so bad right now. It does have trees and is in a nice enough neighborhood. Behind those trees lie train tracks, you can definitely hear the trains going by at night and that does bother some people, but I don’t mind.

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