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Interstellar Orchard: Answers about full-timing

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard.

Happy Friday everyone! My first week of (more than) full-time hours is over and I’ve enjoyed a relaxing if rainy weekend puttering around the RV and not doing much of anything really, it’s been nice.

Rainy weather kept me from getting out today like I’d hoped so there is no adventure to blog about, so let me share with you a Q & A I did this weekend with a full-timing hopeful. These were some good questions and I figured if one person asked them, there are probably others out there who’d like to know the answers too.

Q: How much do you spend on gas when you’re at a workamping job, or how many miles do you travel per month while working? How far have grocery stores been from the workamping jobs you’ve had?

A: It’s a huge range and not something I track closely. When I’m work-camping I’m usually living close to work and don’t spend any more than the average American on gas (I’d recommend keeping track of your mileage and gas costs now so you can get a base to make estimates off of). When I’m traveling between jobs and putting over 1,000 miles on that number can jump to $400 or more in a month. It really depends on the price of gas (pretty cheap right now).

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