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Interstellar Orchard: AAQ – Dehydrated food update

From the bloggers at Interstellar Orchard

For today’s question, Robin and Kate asked for an update on the dehydrated food experiment I first wrote about late in July. As a quick recap, I bought a box of dehydrated soups from an online company to replace one meal a day while I was boondocking. In the original article I noted how the soups were cheaper per meal than the Campbell’s Chunky Soup cans I had been buying. The flavor was surprisingly good and the meal was filling.

After finishing the full run of the soups a month later (12 varieties, three meals per type, or 36 meals), I did indeed still enjoy them. The flavor didn’t get old since there was quite a variety. One thing I did notice (TMI?) is that my bowel movements were more, uh, regular. Perhaps because the soups I tried were vegan with a ton of veggies and probably had a high fiber content. I didn’t notice any other changes in health or energy level.

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