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Plumber's Hero

Insynergy Products introduces Plumber’s Hero

Insynergy Products has just released a new solution for clogged drains and pipes called “Plumber’s Hero,” distinctive for its ease of use, safety to pipes and cost efficiency, the company announced in a press release. It represents the direct response marketers first foray in the nearly $300 million annual drain cleaner market.

Unlike plungers that suction up the blockage or chemicals that could be harmful to pipes and take time to activate, Plumber’s Hero uses condensed pressure to break up and push clogs down though the pipes, the release stated.

By attaching the aerosol base with the customized rubber adapters, Plumber’s Hero releases pressure when pushed down and clears clogged drains instantly. Plumber’s Hero can be used to effectively clear standing water clogs, slow running drain, tough hair clogs, and dirty pipe walls, in toilets, sinks, showers and garbage disposals. When activated, the base removes odors, cleans and deodorizes releasing a fresh orange scent.

Plumber’s Hero not only eliminates the negative impact of pouring strong chemicals, but also avoids high plumber costs, the release continued, guaranteed to last 20 uses and save consumers time and hundreds of dollars on plumbing expenses.

“Clogged drains are an unfortunate problem every home, office, cabana and boat will encounter at one time or another. Drain cleaners tend to be harsh on plumbing. Chemical cocktails have a reputation for eating away or corroding pipes, causing more damage than they are worth. But Plumber’s Hero uses pressure to push and break-up obstructed drains for quick flow,” said Insynergy Products Inc. Chief Executive Officer Sandy Lang.

The Plumber’s Hero is safe for septic systems and pipes, including PVC, plastic, copper and old pipes. The kit includes a small and large sized adapter to cover the drain opening or outlet properly. In order to work properly, the water level must cover the base cap. Plumber’s Hero retails for $19.99 at major retailers nationwide as well as www.PlumbersHero.com.

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