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Inexpensive RV kitchen organizers

Both of our RVs were manufactured with tall cupboards that lacked shelving, so organizing the kitchens, as they came, was a nightmare.  For our first RV, we purchased stand alone shelving to help us fit our dishes and food storage, but it was always risky to open the cupboards after moving.

If the camper was jostled much on the way to a new site, stacked bowls, plates, and cups would jump out to meet us when we first opened the cupboard doors.  Also, with the stand alone shelves, there was still so much wasted space. The cupboards were a constant irritation.

Dana - Kitchen org 2We remedied the situation by installing white, coated wire shelving.  Available at most hardware stores, and manufactured in multiple depths, coated wire shelving is intended for closets and linen cupboards.  But, it is perfect for RV kitchen cupboards as well. This lightweight, heavy-duty, easy to cut shelving is a quick installation that requires minimal tools, like a bolt cutters, tape measure and screw gun.

We simply purchased the right size shelving based on the depth of our kitchen cupboards, then cut the shelves lengthwise with bolt cutters to fit the required space.

To attach to the wall, we used wall track, with L-brackets, in the back of the cupboard so that I could adjust the shelf heights down the road should I decide to change what I store in the cupboards.  We also turned the wire shelving over and placed it on the brackets upside down.

With the edge turned up, even if items slide to the front during travel, the lip keeps them on their shelf.  We no longer have to worry about items falling out when we first open the cupboards after travel.  Thanks to installing wire shelving we been able to utilize our entire cupboard space. We also installed these same type of shelves in the cupboards above master bed to help organize clothing.

We use coated wire racks to organize smaller sized items in one of our cupboards.  While we do have a spice rack on the door of another cupboard, we still had items that we used often that were getting lost due to their smaller size and the configuration of the corner cupboard.  We found it very handy to get those items off of the bottom of the cupboard, and appreciated being to find them with ease.

Another one of our favorite kitchen organizational tools is our magnetic knife bar.  Hung behind our stovetop, it keeps butcher and paring knives always at an arm’s reach while also freeing up our limited drawer space. Magnetic knife bars have incredibly strong magnets. In more than 5 years, our knives have not budged during travel.

This is another very easy install, simply use a tape measure to make sure that you get the bar level, then use a screw gun to install with the included screws.  Our knife holder is one of my very favorite RV musts!  We found our wood-wrapped knife magnet at a specialty kitchen shop, but you can also find magnetic knife bars at IKEA, Bed Bath & Beyond, and on Amazon.  Prices vary from $10 to more than $50.

We have enjoyed personalizing and organizing our RV, including using these inexpensive and easy to install products to help make our rolling home more livable.

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