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Art Jacobson

Impatience and rushing proves costly

Art Jacobson is an RV owner who lives in San Antonio, Texas. He’s been RVing since 2009 in his motorhome. Yet, he proves people can do boneheaded things at any time.

In March, 2013, our 35-foot Itasca motorhome was six weeks old. My wife and I took a maiden voyage trip to Florida to visit friends of ours. On our fourth and last day of the trip enroute to Florida, I decided I needed to fill the propane tank.

Mind you, the tank was about half full at this point, but Florida was experiencing some unusually cold weather with nights dipping into the upper 30s. Our RV has two heat pumps, but their effectiveness is limited to about 40 degrees. We had used the propane furnace during each of the previous three nights, hence, half tank of propane remaining.

I found a Flying J station near Fort Pierce, Fla., with both RV fuel islands and propane. When we arrived, I noticed the RV lanes were in use. Not having a high level of patience I pulled into a regular fuel lane. As I finished fueling the RV, I notice a man in another motorhome asking aloud “Where is the propane?”

I was determined to beat this guy with a yappy little dog and his mile long RV to the propane tank! I noticed this guy exit out the station at a high rate of speed and come around to the other entrance to align himself with the propane island. I watched the guy race onto the station and, not wanting to be beaten to the propane I quickly pulled forward and made a sharp left turn toward the propane.

At that very moment, I heard a nauseating scraping sound coming from the rear of our brand new RV. I stopped, got out and saw the result of my boneheadedness. Bottom line: the rushing cost my insurance company $2,800 and me the $500 deductible to repair and repaint one of the storage compartments and associated trim.

LESSON LEARNED: NEVER RUSH! Always take your time. Had I waiting in line at the RV island this all would have been avoided.


Wait! There’s more?

The picture represents another incident. While on a trip to Arizona and back, I was getting ready to leave the RV park where we had spent the night. I do not know what I was thinking as I rounded the back of the RV. The next thing I remember was a terrible thud and me being on the ground.

I had walked smack dab into the rear slideout. Fortunately for me, all I did was cut and bruise the physical me and severely damage my pride.

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