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Humbled Homemaker: 20 easy recipes for kids to make

From the bloggers at The Humbled Homemaker.

Do your kids like to work in the kitchen? Since we spend so much time preparing healthy food, it only made sense for me to train my 4 boys early on to help out. Part of their training has involved learning lots of easy recipes for kids, according to The Humbled Homemaker.

Teaching kids to be independent in the kitchen has multiple benefits:

  • It’s a big help for you. If a child can get himself a snack, that’s one less thing for mom or dad to do.
  • Cooking is fun for kids. It makes them feel important and grown up.
  • Cooking teaches important life skills.
  • Cooking (and cleaning up) increases their self-confidence. Cooking may be somewhat of a mystery to kids until they start doing it themselves. Something as simple as making their own scrambled eggs can be a big deal!
  • It’s very satisfying for kids to be able to cook something and serve it to others.
  • Being involved in the cooking encourages kids to try new foods.
  • Cooking together with your kids is fun! It’s a great way to spend quality time together and also have a yummy reward!

To read the full story by The Humbled Homemaker, click here.

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