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Hula Hut RV Mods and Changes: PVC storage under frame

From the bloggers at Hula Hut RV Mods and Changes.

Like most everyone else, I’m always looking for ways to free up room in my storage boxes, lose some of the extra weight I’m carrying, or use space more wisely.  Somehow during the past 23 months I found myself with at least one box that was full of sewer or water related items that I only (have to) use on occasion.  Yet those occasions when I need them caused me to continue to carry them along “just in case”.  I finally stole an idea from another poster and modified it to my situation.  Hopefully it will help someone else with some of the same issues.

Materials: (Per Post)

4 ¾ x 4 ¾ x 98” PVC Fence Post (Lowes Home Supply / Garden Area)

4 ¾ x 4 ¾ PVC Fence Post End Caps (2)

4” x 5/16 “ lag bolts (4)

5/16 “ x 1 ½ “ Washers (12)

5/16 “ bolts (8)

5/16 “ Nylon Lock Nuts (4)

SS Screws (2)

9’ length of light PVC gutter (Home Depot or Lowes Lumber area)

½ “ x 24” Wooden Dowel (or an old broomstick)
Small Hinge

I mounted the posts under the last under carriage storage box; using the box itself as a mounting point.

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