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Hughes digital volt meter

Hughes Autoformer relaunches with new product

Hughes Autofomer has re-launched its entire line of voltage regulators and added a new digital voltage meter, the company announced today.

Hughes Autoformer produces portable transformer engineered voltage regulators that are installed between shore power (campground pole) and an RV.

“Many times the campground power circuit wiring is deteriorated or underserved with today’s coach demand,” said Pat Thomas, president of Hughes Autoformer. “The number of coaches that now come with lots of outlets and air-conditioning put a strain on the campground’s power grid. This causes decreased voltage and serious brownout conditions putting all of the electronics in the coach in jeopardy of damage.

“One of the biggest discussions around the campground is dimmed lights and appliances that are not running at 100 percent,” he added. “This is due to not enough voltage running through the coach. Not enough voltage causes the devices to run hotter and circuit breakers to pop.”

Hughes Autofomer will constantly monitor the incoming voltage from the campground pole and increase it as much as 10 volts to reach the optimal 118 volts required to run any 120-volt item properly, the release noted.

Should the shore power drop too low, the Hughes Autoformer will switch to boost mode protecting a coach until it determines the park power has returned to a safe level for the coach, said Thomas.  The Hughes Autoformer only works between the shore power and a coach, not affecting the poles down the circuit or any part of the parks power grid, he explained.

The digital volt meter (part number DVM1221) is a part of re-launching Hughes Autofomer to the RV industry.  By simply plugging in the digital volt meter into any outlet running on AC, it will tell users what the current voltage is ranging between AC 90 and 132 volts.

“You will know instantly if your coach is receiving the optimal range voltage or if you need to be concerned that your electronics are in danger,” said Thomas. “The digital volt meter can stay plugged in during your entire stay, offering a gentle night light as well as constant metering.”

Used in conjunction with a Hughes Autofomer, campers will always have peace of mind that their coach’s electrical system is working as optimally as possible,” he added.

“Hughes Autoformer is aligned to provide the security of all electronics in a coach when connected to shore power.  It is truly a must have with so many coaches pulling more and more power from campground power grids that are not able to handle the load,” said Thomas. “We’ve taken the same technology that we use world wide with large industrial transformers and made it RV sized. Ultimately, we see this being installed at the OE level so consumers can have true peace of mind.”

Hughes Autoformer products are in RV aftermarket through the dealer/distributor network.

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SOURCE: Hughes Autoformer press release

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