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Camper Travel Trailer

Huff Post: How to roadtrip by campervan

From the writers at Huff Post.

Campervan road trips don’t run on gas — they run on unbridled freedom.

It’s heeding the call of the open road and its maze of possibility, where every junction, twist, and turn can lead to new adventures. It’s the feeling of being self-sufficient and gloriously untethered, where an itinerary, route, or destination can literally change on a whim.

It’s spending time with your fellow passengers and bonding out on the road — incubating relationships that just need a little air to grow. It’s finding small towns and getting lost and impromptu roadside stops, and cultivating cross-country memories you can carry with you for life.

That said, road trip success is never guaranteed — given the number of variables. By following some of these tips, however, your trip should be closer to a Kerouac style adventure of joie de vivre, as opposed to a stress-filled, white-knuckle meltdown that’s closer to Chevy Chase. Here are our tips for how to have a successful road trip by campervan.

Tips on choosing your route

When traveling by campervan, a surefire way to ruin a trip is to stubbornly stick to a plan. Granted, there are varying degrees of laissez-faire when it comes to planning a route, and a good rule is to have a tentative framework of where you’d like to go. That said, you should also keep the route flexible enough for unexpected adventures — allowing time for side trips and trails without the guilt of a schedule. Another way to ruin a road trip is to try and go too far, since spending the entire trip behind the wheel makes for pretty boring photos.

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