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Huff Post: Have you ever been glamping?

From the bloggers at Huff Post.

Baby Boomers,

Do you remember when you were young and poor and a vacation meant spending weeks camping out in the woods in a leaky canvas tent with absolutely no creature comforts and just the clothes on your back? There was no phone, no radio and definitely no electronic entertainment. You only ate what you could hunt and catch. You foraged for food and clean water. You built fire from twigs and rocks and traveled by navigating the sun and stars. You pooped over a log.

In the past few years, a global trend has developed offering outdoor enthusiasts a creative alternative to the simple recreation of camping outdoors.

It’s called “glamping.”

That’s right, folks have even invented a word for this new vacation form, defined as “glamorous camping.”

Glamping is the newest way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury. Glamping is that escape from the constant barrage of work and social excess that you have been longing to take… maybe?

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