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RV Picklers: Houston, we have pickleball

From the bloggers at RV Picklers.

Though not listed on the USAPA places to play website, we played pickleball this morning with an avid group of players at the Houston Badminton Center. We were invited to play by Jan Pasternak, who we met some years back at a pickleball tournament.  The badminton center has 8 pickleball nets, which they are glad to set up depending on the size of the crowd.

Starting at 10 a.m., only four courts were required today. But the level of play was quite advanced.  The group plays most weekdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., with their busiest day being Friday.  The Houston Tournament Players are hosting the Real Dill Tournament Feb. 4-7 at this facility. With over 150 players from as far away as Oregon already signed up to play, you can expect this to be a high-caliber event.

We were introduced to the new RiverStyks indoor pickleball during our visit.  It seemed a bit more lively than the “jug” ball we had played before indoors.  The ones we played were pink, though the company also offers two-tone balls whose color scheme remind me more of miniature golf balls than pickleball.

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