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Hipcamp: A Los Angeles microadventure

From the bloggers at Hipcamp. 

No matter how dedicated a weekend warrior you might be, if you live in a city long enough, the daily grind is bound to take its toll. The stress of big crowds and a long commute is enough to make anyone a little crazy, especially when paired with limited vacation days.

But what if it were possible to get from your front door to a little slice of camping paradise in less than two hours? After too many weeks of feeling trapped in the Los Angeles sprawl, and no sizable chunk of time to spare for an extended trip, I decided to find out. My first microadventure awaited me.

The concept of a microadventure – a rejuvenating mini-getaway from your normal surroundings – has been blowing up lately. Popularized by author Alastair Humphreys, microadventures are especially gaining traction among adventuresome urban dwellers looking for a quick way to hit the refresh button on the doldrums of routine.

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