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Hi Consumption: Outdoorsman’s holiday gift guide

From the bloggers at Hi Consumption

We all know one, whether our circle of friends and family remain confined within our city limits or extends outwards into rural America. They’re friends of nature, always there to lend some advice regarding the right camping gear to get you through the weekend or the proper way to get your deer meat from field to freezer after a harvest. These are individuals who are more at ease in the wild, always searching for that next spirited adventure that doesn’t require electricity. They’re the outdoorsmen, and believe it or not there’s more than a few offerings this holiday season that’ll suit whatever caliber of “roughing it” these rugged individuals prefer.

From water purification to lounging options to tents and fire starting equipment, coming prepared for any extended stay in the outdoors is imperative for a stress-free and successful trip. Anyone seasoned in backcountry living understands this notion, which is why the following list of best gifts for the outdoorsman feature familiar items of survival that are of the utmost quality and boast dependability for years to come. Because if there’s one instance where you want to be certain of a product’s functionality, it’s when you’re embedded in the wilderness, miles away from the nearest service station.

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