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Hattiesburg American: Camper plans in Oklahoma go awry

From the writers at Hattiesburg American.

Even the best laid plans sometimes go awry. And it always seems to happen to me… In fact, it seems to have become the story of my life.

Take this past weekend, for instance. I thought I’d do a good deed by taking my daughter Heather and my wife Regina on a weekend camping trip to the mountains. Of course I had a “minuscule” ulterior motive, however, and that was to take my small pop-up camper to the Kiamichi Mountains of southeast Oklahoma and leave it for a scheduled turkey hunt there in April. It’s on private land, so it should be safe. Or so I once thought!

It’s a 10-hour drive, not too bad, but I needed a little break to relax once we arrived. So, when parked in my camp spot, I opened the camper and got the folding chairs and a few other items out. In so doing, I had to open the drop-down step to get in.

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