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Happiest Camper: RV window coverings

From the bloggers at Happiest Camper. 

RV’s are ugly. New or old, they are all ugly. No matter the make, model or year, I have never seen an RV that I would be happy living in untouched. The wallpaper and curtains are the biggest culprits and, fortunately, easy to change.

My husband bought our current home on wheels while I was suffering with horrible morning sickness. We knew we needed a larger rig to accommodate a baby, but I couldn’t stand traveling to shop for one. I looked at campers on Craigslist, and he went to evaluate their structure and working order in person. Then one day he came back with a 2003 Mirage by Thor 5th wheel. When I stepped inside for the first time, I immediately ripped down all the curtains. They were THAT ugly, so this is the only ‘before’ picture I have that shows a curtain. The good news is that the windows didn’t have cornice boxes. Those are a huge pain to recover! These curtains were simply hung with Velcro, something I was familiar with from our first camper.

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